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Further down the page are links to several ungated articles on leadership and career development that have proven to be especially popular with our clients, as well as information about the podcast, Career Stewardship with Michael Melcher.

The 7 Types of Relationships You Need to Achieve Your Potential

Relationship building is more than getting to know lots of people. Instead, it means investing in relationships with specific types of people–creating a relationship portfolio.

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The Relationship Portfolio Bingo Card

A handy and easy-to-use spreadsheet that will help you organize and prioritize how you expand your personal and professional networks.

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Analyzing Your Invisible Network

A simple PDF to jog your memory about your strong and weak ties, and where you can start taking positive action.

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How to Build Your Convening Power

When it comes to building relationships, you can go beyond one-on-one interactions. Start building your convening power. The benefits are logarithmic, not arithmetic.

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5 Beliefs That Will Inhibit Your Relationship Building

Creating, maintaining, and leveraging relationships is a question of specific actions and specific mindsets. Some beliefs will support your progress, and other (very common) beliefs will block your progress.

Let’s hold some of these unhelpful beliefs up to the microscope and unlearn them.

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5 Beliefs


Additional thoughts and practices for leadership and career effectiveness.

The Secret to Finding Lasting Career Satisfaction

This article, originally published in Stanford Business in 2018 and later republished in Fast Company, came out of a workshop Michael did for alumni of Stanford Business School. The core ideas are to embrace an experimental method regarding your career interests, step away from the drama of sudden change, and let yourself be surprised by what actually interests you and what you're good at.


Why Thinking Like a Lawyer is Bad for Your Career

What makes you successful in one realm can make you unsuccessful in another.  Drawing on themes from his book, The Creative Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Authentic Professional Satisfaction (ABA Books, 2nd Edition 2014), Michael examine how lawyers keep themselves stuck in unhappy situations by misapplying their analytical thinking skills to their hopes, interests, and careers. This is a problem because, as it turns, out, career progress usually does not come from logical analysis.


A Year In Review - With Yourself

This evergreen piece was published many years ago in the Shifting Careers blog of The New York Times and was one of the most emailed business articles that year. It grew out of a realization that the greatest obstacle for many people in creating annual priorities is not "How do I get what I want?" but rather, "How do I figure out what I want in the first place?"



Career Stewardship with Michael Melcher: A Podcast for Nourishing Your Career

Career stewardship is about taking control of your career. Over 40+ episodes of Career Stewardship with Michael Melcher, Michael speaks with experts, coaches and clients to demystify the insights and practices that will help you be not just successful but also fulfilled.

Each of the episodes will introduce you to compelling new ideas that will help you create the career you want. We beyond conventional wisdom and dig into the nuances of topics like values, vision, relationship building, interviewing, career pivots, ageism and more – along with the special idea of “20 Minutes a Day.” And in several episodes, you can hear an actual coaching session.

Grounded, motivational and funny, with plenty of real-world examples, the Career Stewardship podcast will help you shape your evolving career. Because why shouldn’t you have the career you want?

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"Relationships are a form of wealth that is under your control. You can build this wealth from nothing, and once you have it, no one can take it away from you."

—Michael Melcher

Michael Melcher
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