Coaching is a process by which another person helps you to explore, define and achieve what you want, using a specific, inquiry-based method. Trained and experienced coaches have expertise in how growth occurs. This means not telling you what to do, but rather guiding you to finding the answers that are right for you and your circumstances.

Much of executive coaching focuses on demystifying leadership skills and behaviors and figuring out ways that you can take these to the next level. Strong coaches can articulate these specific aspects of leadership, help you figure out how to develop them, and ensure that what you are developing is relevant to the particular domain in which you work.

The ideal coach is someone who understands your work but who is free of its habitual assumptions.

Coaches are supportive, although supporting your best self doesn't always mean indulging the one you are presenting today. As one of my clients said, "Michael is nice. But he's not that nice."

Some examples of my work are on the next page.

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