When I was in elementary school, my teachers often
told me I was creative.

I liked the idea, but I wasn't sure what it meant. Was it just a nice thing to say? Was I exceptional? Was I supposed to do something specific with this? What gets measured gets valued, and I didn't know how to measure or value my creativity.


Here's my grown-up view:

(1) Whatever one's natural gifts of creativity, its expression can be enhanced through conscious effort - and creative efforts are usually plodding, not dramatic.

(2) You are best off doing creative things because you want to do them, rather than expecting them to make you money, generate fame or earn you approval; and

(3) If you find a way to measure your creative efforts, you'll be more likely to persist in them.
This page of my website is my own measurement device.
Making a web page about my creative self means: I value this.

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